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Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 1:00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.

Fee: 350.- Euro until 7. 10. 2019 (regular fee 450.- Euro)
Moderator: Amir Kazic

Amir Kazic

Target Groups: Authorities, Manufacturers, Electric power producing and distributing companies, Energy transmission companies, Power exchange companies, Finance institutions, Investors, Banks, Project developers, Consulting engineers, BOP Experts, Insurance experts
Background: After five years of successful round table meetings in core of RENEXPO® which gathered market key-players, investors and investing industry, the wind power sector has being stepping forward in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A milestone for the industry was installing 50,6 MW capacity power plant Mesihovina owned by Public Enterprise for Energy – Elektroprivreda HZ HB and provate owned wind power plant Jelovaca with total capacity of 36 MW.

According to the BiH Framework Energy Strategy, construction of on shore wind farms with a total installed capacity of 795 MW is foreseen by 2035. It is planned to increase the share of RES to at least 27% of consumption by 2030.

Event description: The event brings together competent institutions, experts, investors and industry to discuss current issues and development solutions – market achievements, regulatory framework and policy,  incentives, quotas, investment opportunities and safety.

Since 2016 wind power section has been the highlight of the RENEXPO® conference programme. Each follow up discussion is upgraded by updates, competence and new participants.

FAQ to be answered: What factors are driving the development of new onshore wind farms in BiH?
What risks and barriers to wind farm developers and investors currently face?
What is the government’s attitude to promoting renewable energy and onshore wind?
Have targets been set?
How could the investment environment for onshore wind in BiH be improved?
Are there any wind farms being built at the moment in BiH? If so, which projects are these?
How many other wind farms are being developed at the moment?

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program

Language:  EN/ BHS