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4th Sustainable Water Management Conference

Efficient Water Supply, Waste Water Management in BiH

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 9.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Fee: Free of charge, Registration is mandatory
Target Groups: Local government units and water utilities, country and regional government units, consultants and engineers, investors and lawyers, governmental and international institutions, private sector stakeholders, NGOs, academics, media
Background: Water is an essential good for life but also the basis for economic development of a society. In major part of the Danube region the water sector suffers from obsolete infrastructure and in the waste water sector there is a significant lack of infrastructure.
The accession to the EU of the countries of the region (recently realised or still planned) requires modernisation and upgrading of the infrastructure mainly in the waste water sector in order to reach EU standards.
In order to achieve the planned water policy investments are estimated at € 3.66 billion within 20 years. Financial issue can be solved by using available donor funds, but only by adapting to donors` expectations respect to organisational and managerial reforms in the public utility sector. The EU has been a key donor for water sector investment.
and aim of the event:
The conference will open dialogues on technically available solutions, implementation goals and lessons-learnt in the past by gathering international and regional experts to exchange practical experiences. Different water treatment technologies, software support tools and approaches to project development and implementation will be presented by leading experts of the sector.

Sabina Hadziahmetovic,
Hydro- Engineering Institute Sarajevo – HEIS


8:40 Registration of participants
9:15 Welcoming and introduction
Ms. Dragana Pavlovic, REECO International- Conference organiser
Introduction by moderator
Ms. Sabina Hadžiahmetović, Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo – HEIS

Block 1 Strategies and policies for sustainable water management

9:30 Key-note speech – Water protection requires a new holistic approach.
D.Sc. Viktor Simoncic, International expert for environmental protection
9:45 Water management policy BiH
Mr. Sandi Zulic, Aquasan BiH

Block 2 Round table: Reforms of water supply system in BiH

10:00 Panelists
Mr. Nenad Djukić, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management RS
Ms. Hazima Hadzovic, Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Federation of BiH
Mr. Damir Mrdjen, Adriatic Sea Watershed Agency
Mr. Sandi Zulic, Aquasan BiH
Mr. Prof. Dr. Branko Vučijak, UNDP BiH

Block 3 Investment and development support to BiH water sector

10:40 Swiss support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the sector of water services
Mr. Srecko Bajic, Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina
10:55 UN Development Support. Presentation of new results of Goal Waters and MEG projects in BiH
Mr. Prof. Dr. Branko Vučijak, UNDP

Block 5 Planning tools, project development, practice and learnt lessons

11:10 Sludge management in BiH – Current practice, issues and possible solutions
Mr. Tomislav Grizelj, Grizelj d.o.o.
11:25 Modernisation of waste water management infrastructure in City of Gradiška
Mr. Sandro Zeničanin, General manager of PUC waterworks Gradiška
11:40 Asset management and Bisuness Plan of the Puclic utility company Rad Tesanj
Mr. Adnan Lihić, Director Puclic utility company Rad Tesanj
11:55 Coagulation and flocculation on WWTP “Cerovica brdo” and quality of by-products for further application
Ms. Dr. Mirjana Cvijovic, research associate Public utility company Vodice Uzice
12:10 Recording and digitalisation application for field adata in water supply and waste water management
Mr. Dragana Sokolovic, SmartCloud d.o.o.
12:25 Conclusions and end of conferece. Trade fair tour.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program

Language: BHS