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WEDNESDAY, 23rd October, 2019

Name of the conference
6th International Small Hydropower BiH conference
Official opening/ Vip trade fair tour
Round Table Plenary discussion: Economic Growth with Green Business
4th Solid Waste Management BiH Conference- Waste to Energy
Renewable Energy in District Heating and Cooling BiH Conference –
BioEnergy, Geothermal, Solar-termal
5th International Wind Power BiH Round Table
Investment Business Lounge

THURSDAY, 24TH October, 2019

Name of the conference
1st BiH Energy Managers Annual Meeting
4th Sustainable Water Management BiH Conference –
Efficient Water Supply, Waste Water Management in BiH
2nd Photovoltaic & Solar Energy BiH Conference
2nd Sustainable Transportation BiH Conference
Business to Investors Brokerage – EEN BiH
Investment Business Lounge