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1st BiH Energy Managers Annual Meeting

Energy efficiency in public and industry sector

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 09.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Fee: Free of charge, Registration is mandatory
Target Groups: Certified and future energy managers, Local governments representatives, Energy Ministry, Academia, Business sector, Industry sector, Public enterprises, technology holders
Background: Energy efficiency is globally appreciated as the world’s first and greenest fuel that enables human population to meet the present energy needs without compromising the needs of the future generations. It not only helps to achieve energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions reduction but also ensures energy-system security, supports economic growth and enhances social development.
Energy efficiency policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina is created on state and entity level in accordance with the Energy Community acquis communautaire and directive on the efficient use of energy and the energy savings obligation which has to be undertaken. The key role in the implementation of energy efficiency policy has the energy management system.There are several ongoing activities of dedicated technical working groups supported by international technical assistance programmes to work on certain articles of the Energy Efficiency Directive. This includes the development of typologies and long-term building renovation strategies, establishment of the energy efficiency obligations scheme and assessment of the potential for the application of high-efficiency cogeneration and efficient district heating and cooling.Public organisations – units of local self government and utilities, as well as industry – large scale energy consumers are mandatory reporting entities of the energy management system, meaning that are obliged to appoint the sufficient number of certified energy managers who are in charge of fulfilment energy savings targets at the end. The tremendous importance of energy efficiency has motivated REECO company to dedicate a half day conference to energy managers and their partners.
and aim of the event:
The annual meeting of energy managers is intended to be a tradition started at RENEXPO® BiH 2019. The event will provide the information on currently implemented education programs, framework and obligations by recently adopted lows. As well the annual meeting is place for knowledge exchange, opening dialogues and discussions on new business opportunities and technically available solutions for improvement of the EM system and energy efficiency in public and private sector in BiH.
Moderator: Nihad Harbas

Nihad Harbaš, n-Logic Consultant

9:00 Registration
9:30 Greetings and Introduction
Ms. Dragana Pavlovic, REECO International, Organiser
Ms. Minela Pita, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations BiH
Introduction by moderator Mr. Nihad Harbas, nLogic Advisory

Block 1 Key-note presentations

10:00 Efficient energy management in City of Velika Gorica, Croatia
Ms. Maja Kurjak, Director of the City Development Agency VEGORA
10:15 Energy audits – the first step toward energy renovation of buildings and improvement of industrial processes
Ms. Asja Herenda, nLogic Advisory

Block 2 PANEL
“Energy management system implementation in BiH. Energy efficiency promotion policy and programmes for public and private sector with national and international technical support”

10:30 Panellists
Ms. Minela Pita, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations BiH
Ms. Aida Jelinic, Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry
Ms. Jasnima Kafedzic, Fund for Environment of Federation of BiH
Ms. Tijana Glamocic Marjanac, Fund for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection R. Srpska
Ms. Samra Surkovic, AHK BiH – International certification program
Mr. Elvis Hadzikadic, UNDP BiH
11:30 Break

Block 3 Best practice of EM system implementation, EE applied technologies, financing solutions

11:45 LENNOX Heating / Cooling technologies – LENNOX presentation of products and facilities
Ms. Rahela Ikic, Flexy sustavi doo
12:00 “Green bonds” Support for green economy and energy efficiency
Ms. Samra Hadzic Cavar, UniCredit Bank d.d
12:15 Power quality issues – Reactive power compensation – Best regional practice in industry
Ms. Jelena Bošković, energy manager – Knjaz Miloš ad, Serbia
12:30 Closing remarks. Joint trade fair tour.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program

Language: BHS
Conference partner: Renexpo BiH 2019

n-Logic Consultant

Conference sponsor:
Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund of Republika Srpska
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